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OUR BIG TEAM & Contact Information:

Owner of 'EXCELLMAGIC' kennel:
Me and dogs, 2008 EKATERINA BELOVA
(Russian & English languages)
my phone: +7 (903) 617-47-57; (with WhatsApp)
my e-mail: excellmagic@yahoo.com
also you can find me on a Facebook:  

You can contact me in any questions you have.

Me and dogs, 2008 BARINOVA ELENA
our Photographer (and my mother)
phone: +7 (903) 624-75-10
Owner and lover:
Of our SL dachshunds

Me and dogs, 2008 BIBIK ANASTASIA
My the best friend

Owner and lover:
* Ch. Excellmagic Made In Moscow SS
* Excellmagic Abigal Little Princess SS
co-owner of:
* Ch. Hampdach Aristaeus SS (Imp.UK) (rip)
also she is a co-breeder of our foundation kennel's females

Me and dogs, 2008 YANISHEVSKAYA OLGA

Owner, handler and lover:
* Ch. Excellmagic Agiriya Aira SS
* Ch. Excellmagic Heavenly Happiness SS
* Ch. Excellmagic Cecarica Cecilia SS (rip)
Co-breeder & co-owner:
* Ch. Excellmagic Proud Person SS
* Ch. Excellmagic Power Point SS

Me and dogs, 2008 MAKHMUTOVA ANNA

co-breeder, owner & lover:
* Ch. Excellmagic Ajshat Anilust SS
* Ch. Excellmagic O'My Obeliks SS
Co-owner, handler and lover of:
* Ch. Pipacs Diva Noire SS (Imp.HUN)


Owner, handler and lover of:
* Excellmagic Winnie Winkle SS
* Ch. Excellmagic Unconceivable Ulvarr SS (rip)
* Ch. Excellmagic Guardaespaldas SS
* Ch. Excellmagic Evoke Emotion SS


owner & lover:
* Excellmagic Terrakota Trevelgirl SS
* Excellmagic Unblemished Uollylady SS
* Ch. Excellmagic Once Only SS


Owner, handler and lover of:
* Ch. Excellmagic Holy Honeymoon SS
* Ch. Excellmagic Dolly Droplet SS
co-Owner, handler of:
* Ch. Excellmagic Exclusive Enjoyment SS